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Slazenger V600 XR2 Cricket Bat This Slazenger V600 XR2 Cricket Bat has been crafted with Type 2 English Willow, whilst the bat has been designed for aggressive players who love to play the short ball.

The Xtreme Edge Profile ensures the edges remain at their biggest for relentless power hitting, whilst the mid-blade sweet spot ensures great pick up and balance and the flat face delivers the perfect combination of durability and power.

The semi-oval 12 piece cane optimises power, control and flexibility and the square toe features an IPS Toe Guard for long lasting durability.

> V600 Cricket Bat > Type 2 Specially selected English willow construction > Mid-blade sweet spot > Semi-oval 12 piece cane handle > Xtreme Edge Profile.

> Indian bow > Standard toe > Flat face > Weight: 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz > Hybrid grip > Finish: Pre knocked in and IPS toe guard – SH

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